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The other day I met this little bull when I was walking at the Path of the Gods.

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Baunehøj near the Path of the Gods

If you have seen the last to photos, you have noticed the information of the path of the Gods. Here is the continuation. When I was standing at the road to take a photo of Tornhøj, I shot the road in the direction towards west. You just see a little part Baunehøj where the road […]

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Tornhøj at the Path of the Gods

Yesterdays photo was a road with a church far away, and I said that it had something to do with “The Path of the Gods”. Tornhøj at todays photo is connected to that path and is placed a few meters from the road between Ramsømagle and Øster Syv. Not easy to understand, but the path […]

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