End of Eurorando 2011 in Denmark

Yesterday ended Eurorando 2011 in the eastern part of Denmark with 7 walks all ending at the Large Spring at Byparken in Roskilde. The walks was between 4 and 26 km. I participated in one of them, 13 km at Skjoldungestien from Lejre to Roskilde. That was a very fine walk.

Water is the theme for this Eurorando, symbolising life and movement. Water from many part of Europe will be collected and brought to Andalusia, to be united at the end of Eurorando 2011 later this year.

At the walk Lavringe Stream was crossed – there was much water in it. As seen at the last photo.

At the first photo you see Lis Nielsen, President of the European Ramblers Association, and Torben Christensen, Chairman of the Danish Ramblers Association, filling a bottle with water from the Large Spring.

Eurorando 2011Eurorando 2011Lavringe Å

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  1. Svar

    Never heard about Euroando before. That 13 km walk sounds like a lot of photographs!

    • Anonymous
    • 5. september 2011

    Vad många människor och vilka fina bilder. Ha en god dag !

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