John Plays the Hurdy-Gurdy

John Palying the Hurdy-Gurdy
Yesterday we had Tourisms Day in Denmark. You could play tourist in your own municipality. In the coming days I will show what I saw. Here is John playing at a Hurdy-Gurdy (in danish drejelire). John is manager of a branch of Roskilde Museum called Lützhøfts Købmandsgård.

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  1. Svar

    A wonderful picture.

  2. Svar

    It is so stylish.

  3. Svar

    This is a great photo! Shows your culture.

    • Anonymous
    • 31. maj 2010

    Hurra for alle de ildsjæle, som med eller uden løn sørger for at fortiden ikke glemmes 😉

  4. Svar

    Fun idea. Looking forward to see more photos.

  5. Svar

    Yes, it's wonderful. And a necessary contribution to conserve such beautiful old technologies.

  6. Svar

    That's a very interesting instrument – one I've never seen before your posting of it!

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