Every december I write a Christmasletter called “The Year in Gadstrup and environs”. Sometimes the environs is a country far away.
This months themeday is Passageway and I use – too selfcentered, you may think – the same “globalised” idea and my photo is showing a passageway in St. Paul de Vence, Provence.

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  1. Svar

    Wow great Photo…I like it!
    Greetimgs from Berlin

  2. Svar

    What a stunning and breathtaking photo.

    • Anonymous
    • 1. marts 2010

    Det oser af råhygge 😀

  3. Svar

    It's a perfect photo of a passageway. I was wondering if it could be in Denmark somewhere by the thumbnail until I read your description.

  4. Svar

    Those stone steps certainly look well worn. Great choice … and I think it's fine to pick theme photos from places other than "home" when they fit the theme so perfectly. Very nice!

  5. Svar

    Beautiful stone walls and floors!

    I also posted a photo that's not in Manila. 😉

    • Jim
    • 2. marts 2010

    A delightful passageway.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  6. Svar

    Very nice passageway and a very good realisation for this theme day.

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