Photo of the Year 2009

In this connection I have decided the photo of the pigeon is my photo of 2009.
3 seconds before the pigoen flew from a tree. I like this photo because of the body language of the pigeon. It is as if the head is turned a little and the eye looks directly at me. I know pigoens don’t think, but here it looks like the bird is thinking: Does he shoot me or is he just shooting me.
Or – what do you think the pigoen thinks?
Here is a link to the photo taken the moment the pigeon left the tree.

Here is the link to other photos of the year: Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

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  1. Svar

    A beautiful shot of a pigeon in flight. I've no idea is the pigeon thinks but perhaps he's saying 'I wonder if this person has any bread?!'

    • Kate
    • 15. januar 2010

    Birds in flight are not easy to capture, but what a great photo! What's he thinking: Bombs away!!

  2. Svar

    Great capture of the pigeon! I think he was also saying, "God helg!" Nice choice for theme day!

  3. Svar

    I think he is thinking "Darn, I let a photographer take my picture in flight. The Bird Police will fine me THAT offense!" Great capture!

    • Anonymous
    • 15. januar 2010

    Jeg tænker på sangen, som Björn Afzelius og Michael Wiehe lavede 😉

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